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We are a western-style business in Asia. We understand western business so buying from us is simple.

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Western style business in Asia

Finding your supplier

If you import products from China you may have encountered the complexities of negotiation and supply chain issues when buying direct from Chinese factories. TLS Trading is very different. We are a western-style business in Asia. We understand western business so buying from us is simple and our terms are straight forward.

Many online directories, such as Alibaba, Made-in-China and trade shows are only a starting point to finding dependable China supply, and these often lead to a minefield of problems as you enter the complex world of doing business with Asia. When you deal with TLS Trading HK, you deal with English speaking staff that understand western business practices, most with hands on experience.

We deliver on your expectations

  • Get the product you expect
  • Get it in the time you expect
  • A simplified and straight forward ordering process
  • Assistance with packaging and labelling to suit your own country's standards
  • Reasonable and negotiated payment terms
  • Reasonable quantity ordering (buy as little as 10 items, not a whole container ship!)

Product knowledge

All of our sales staff have hands on and in–the-field western experience with our products and western understanding of their uses, applications and target consumers. We never manufacture a product that is under or over designed for its intended purpose.



We pack and send products worldwide using local and international freight companies. Read here for information on shipping and payment terms.

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Enquire now about how you can custom brand products with your own information to suit your individual marketing requirements. Build a new range or add to your existing lines. 

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